Taking care of health is our sole responsibility but the vulnerable sector of the society is kept untouched with the basic health care facilities. They are not even able to get the basic facilities of the society and in the end, they come into the trap of a number of chronic and acute diseases. Life Rescue Foundation has taken its initiative for getting these disparities removed. We have taken the initiative to support and provide the highest level of health facilities to the children, adults, and elders across the remote areas of the country.

Life Rescue Foundation has launched some healthcare activities and programs in rural areas. These programs are based on the causes and prevention of communicable diseases, population control, the health status of people, improvement of sanitation in the environment, and many more. This is being performed effectively with positive results. Life Rescue Foundation is continuously scouting the people living here and even providing them with basic healthcare treatments and medicines.

After doing a survey in the rural sections of the society, we have found that a number of people are suffering from major and severe health problems. The biggest reason for these health disparities here is malnutrition and pathetic slum living facilities. The air they breathe, the water they drink, and even the food they eat are totally contrary and pathetic to the normal and healthy living facilities. Due to all such factors, Life Rescue Foundation is working dedicatedly to bring the highest quality health care services to doorsteps and also promoting health awareness programs. This has become a vital need here at the moment which has to be fulfilled soon.

The primary focus of the Life Rescue Foundation is to fulfill the basic health and social needs of underprivileged sections of the society like the poor, women, elderly, children, etc. Apart from this here, they are also dealing with specific health issues like aids, alcoholism, and many more. Hence, there is no doubt that the Life Rescue Foundation is another helping hand for eliminating the disparities from society.