Serving mankind is the sole responsibility of a person especially when it comes to vulnerable people. In the past few years, we have seen the constant rise of natural calamities in the number of states of the country. Although, the abroad countries have undergone these disastrous harms in the form of an earthquake, tsunami, etc.

Let’s discuss these calamities in our own country India.  Life Rescue Foundation has come forward for providing relief to the people who came under this trap.

Being a disaster-prone country, India is highly vulnerable to various types of natural calamities due to its geographical positioning. According to the National Disaster Management Authority, Govt. of India, more than 58.6% of the country's landmass is prone to earthquakes and over 12% is prone to floods; close to 5,700kms out of the 7,516kms long coastline is prone to cyclones and tsunamis; while 68% of its cultivable area is prone to droughts which is why disaster preparedness is of utmost importance.

Disaster risks in India are further compounded by increasing vulnerabilities related to changing demographics, socio-economic conditions- unplanned urbanization, development within high-risk zones, environmental degradation, climate change, and epidemics and pandemics. All these factors have created a situation where disasters seriously threaten the sustainable development of the country, besides innumerable lives and livelihoods.

Life Rescue Foundation, with its welfare interventions focused on children and their families, responds to the call of humanity in times of such calamities under its Disaster Response program through emergency relief initiatives.

Life Rescue Foundation provides help to the people who undergone this disaster and became vulnerable in the time of need. However, it’s the first case where people whether rich or poor becomes vulnerable and calls for help. That’s why apart from imparting social and economic help to the poor, we have also taken their initiative for this and working as a disaster relief organization. Here, we are working our best and providing the utmost care to the people.

Around millions of people get affected during these calamities and leave people traumatized by the death of the family, relatives, and friends, loss of livelihood, food & water famine and so many vulnerabilities. The impact is quite high and increased dramatically in the last years. In fact, it is expecting that this trend will rise in the coming years.
Therefore, it has become vital to figure out the solution and measures to deal with this problem and for Life Rescue Foundation has come forward to deal with this trouble effectively.